Special Delivery Debut


Hi friends! Today I’m debuting a little segment called “Special Delivery.” It will complement my weekly Music Monday post, and together; they will serve as spiritual bookends for your work week.

The idea came to me this morning as I was asking God to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal how I might continually spread love using my gifts.  I was reminded of a saying that you only hear after someone has passed away.

Give me my flowers while I’m here. ~Unknown Author

This weekly post will serve as your flowers. I encourage you all to scroll down to the comments to shout out someone who has impacted your life this week or over time. How does that benefit you? Well, I get the privilege of praying for them. The joy I feel from offering up the sweet fragrance of prayer to our Father is immeasurable. I hope that you’ll join me in celebrating the people in your lives each Friday (or anytime you encounter this post). Show those you love a little cyberlove that will travel to more than 90 countries via this little blog.

Today, I’d like to shout out the loving staff at Banfield Hospital! These ladies tended to my loyal companion Marleigh last week and gave me the tools to nurse her back to health. Thank you, Ms. Juliet, Mandy, Sabrina, Lauren, Elisa, and Dr. Rybak! Enjoy your flowers and your blessings! May they flow freely from the hands and hearts of everyone you meet. ❤


This is Marleigh — my healthy six-year-old Golden Retriever.