Day 29 – Green Light

A few days ago, I was searching for inspirational quotes to give to a young lady who doesn’t know the Lord. She has lots of struggles — including depression. As a strategy for countering some of her dark thoughts, her counselor recommended going on Pinterest to find inspirational quotes and memes. I was inspired to help her create a scrapbook to keep at school that she could pull out whenever she feels unsafe. It will serve to remind her that she is loved and valued. In her case, irrational fears and unbelief are keeping her stuck in a scary cycle that’s hard to break without a strong foundation of trust in the Lord.

We are like this young woman in some respects. We want to do what’s right, but we question whether the choices we make are the right choices. So, we ask others for their opinions and ask God to give us a sign. When he does, we even question the sign. We seem to always expect signs and wonders like dew on fleece. Like Gideon in the Book of Judges, we want another sign to insure that the first sign was legit.

As you journey toward freedom from the world, look for directional signs and follow them. If God gives you a green light, then go! Put the top down, put on your favorite jams, and go! If you get a red light, then stop immediately. Red lights are not suggestions. They are commands. Some signs that warn of winding roads or deer are reminders to slow down. We oft times run ahead of God and expect him to catch up. Forcing outcomes are worldly behaviors. Neither you nor I can force God to do what he doesn’t want to do for you. It has taken me years to realize that truth. I’ve also learned that what he does want to do for me is far more fulfilling and tailor-made for me.

What are you trusting God to do for you in this season of surrender? Whether he gives you a subtle sign or one that’s displayed on a billboard, look for those signs in your travels today. He has carefully placed them along your path, and he also gave me this message to share with you. Let this post serve as the sign that he has much for you to discover today. He is a God of order who makes all things beautiful in time, and that includes you. May blessings abound! ❤

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