Day 15 – We’re Halfway There

It’s hard to imagine that two weeks have already gone by. We’ve been on this weight loss challenge together, and it feels good to travel this road with friends. I feel a little lighter as a result of the work I’ve been focusing on lately. I hope you feel the same.

When I issued this challenge to all of you, it was because I needed to surrender every little thing to God that I’ve been holding onto for safe keeping. I admit that I gladly give him all the big stuff, but the little things are the ones I’ve convinced myself that I can handle on my own.

I gave a talk a few weeks ago to a group of ladies in ministry, and I reminded them to get prepared for the wash. It’s important to take everything out of your pockets before throwing your clothes into the washer. If you leave anything in your pockets, it’ll end up in the wash, and things will get messy — requiring that you either wash everything again or live with the mess.

We routinely pull everything from the two deep pockets in front and the back pockets as well, but we tend to forget that tiny fifth pocket on the left. You know the one — the one where you put spare change, a piece of candy, a hair tie, or your chapstick. This reminds me that I have to surrender every little thing to God if I truly want him to do a deep cleaning in my life. The same goes for you. What are the little things that you’re holding onto that threaten to make a mess when God starts the wash cycle? Share those in the comments. I’d love to pray for you today. May blessings abound! ❤

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