Day 7 – Every Creation Surrenders

We all surrender eventually, but we struggle to surrender all. I gave a talk to a group of beautiful women this past weekend. As I made my way to nearly every woman in attendance, I noticed a common theme. When I introduced myself as Michelle, the response was the same at every exchange — “Oh, our speaker?” For the first time in my life, I was at peace with no one knowing who I was. I can only imagine what they were thinking as this woman in a t-shirt and bright yellow pants worked the room and claimed to be their speaker. What I was thinking was “Look at God!” Wanting to be known or remembered was a worldly mindset that I didn’t realize I had already surrendered. As God revealed that to me moments before I spoke, I included it in my talk — not as a testimony, but as a testament to God’s promise of renewing our minds if we fully submit to him everything we’ve been withholding. I also think that we make assumptions based on customs — like appropriate attire to wear for a speaking engagement. I definitely was out of character in that regard according to the world.

What stood out to me the most that day was how we worship. There were ladies from four different churches in attendance, and it was evident that we weren’t sure what the customs for worship were. Because of that, nearly everyone sat and sang softly. The exception to that custom was three women who stood, sang, and surrendered their praise and worship to our Father without fear of any kind. That’s freedom.

Everything in creation surrenders. Haikuist Pat R. shares evidence of this here. So, what are you withholding from God? Is it your praise or something else? What’s in that fifth pocket of your five-pocket jeans? Until you relinquish that thing that serves as a wall between you, the closeness you desire will move further and further away. Go to your anchor verse, and dig deep. Use the S.O.A.P. Study method for close reading scripture to discern your next steps. Share your discoveries in the comments. Feel free to just upload a picture of your SOAPed scripture. May blessings abound. ❤

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