Day 4 – Write It Down

My memory is not what it once was. I find myself writing everything down or adding things to my calendar to insure that it gets my attention. I’m not embarrassed by it either. Forgetfulness is just part of the package that we must contend with as a result of being afforded the gift of a long life.

Another part of that package deal? Being able to hear God’s voice. Routinely (and spontaneously) spending intimate time in his presence will guarantee a conversation if you’re willing to listen rather than doing all the talking. Alone time with God is necessary for walking closer with him. Every believer’s experience is different. I’ve heard some say that they actually hear his voice when he speaks. I wonder whether he sounds like James Earl Jones or Denzel Washington. I’ve only heard God’s voice on three occasions, and all three times, he firmly spoke my name — Michelle! There was a sense of urgency in his voice as if I were being saved from the clutches of the enemy.

For the past three years, however, he’s been speaking to me through my writing. He paints such beautiful pictures of what I want to say, and the words are always on time. Something he instructs me to do is write down the vision he gives me, and that’s what I want you to do today as well. Everything starts with a vision. Scripture reminds us that without one, we run wild. So, let’s start putting some structures around our goals to surrender that number one thing from yesterday’s lesson.

Here’s a sentence starter to get you going: One year from now, I will be walking closer to God because I have surrendered my ______________________. My life will be filled with _______________, and everyone will know that _________________________. My life has purpose, and God’s plan for me is uniquely mine. 

Once you complete this vision statement, cut and paste it into the comments. Then find a verse from scripture to serve as your anchor — your go to memory verse for the duration of this challenge. Tomorrow we will begin taking action. May blessings abound! ❤

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