Day 3 – See the Future

At some point in our lives, many of us stopped dreaming. Perhaps someone told you that your dream wasn’t practical, or perhaps your dreams never seemed to come to fruition. Whatever the case may be, you stopped thinking about your future self doing or becoming someone great.

When I was little, I’d sit in my little bedroom and build businesses. I had a hair salon, a school, and a secretarial pool. On any given day, you could hear me talking to my clients in the salon or typing away on my little Mattel toy typewriter. During the summer, I was a teacher — equipped with various worksheets I had collected from teachers’ extras. I even had snacks and activities for the kids who would come to play school with me on my porch. Believe it or not, at least a couple of those dreams came true as a result of hard work, but it all started with the ability to see myself doing something great.

Take a minute to look at your list from Day 1. Prioritize your list of of worldly customs and behaviors from most important to least important. Most important means that it’s imperative that you get to work on this now. Least important means that you can wait a while before tackling that behavior. Your number one will be the behavior we spend time addressing over the next few weeks. After identifying your focus, imagine yourself fully surrendering this behavior — making room for God’s abundance. Dream about it, and tell us how your life will change as a result of being loosed from this chain. Tomorrow we’ll chart out our plan of attack. May blessings abound! ❤

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