Sunrise Sermon: Pack Up

Have you ever felt a sense of urgency to do something that just couldn’t be contained, deterred, or deferred? It’s a feeling that seems to come from your soul. It defies gravity — it’s weight alone should cause it to fall to the ground, yet it hangs there — hovering above you always until you act.

In 2003, I experienced that kind of urgency — two years before Katrina and a step closer to my destiny all packed into my green Dodge Neon. I took just the essentials: most of my clothes, bedding, an air mattress, snacks, and my computer. There was barely room to breathe in that car, but I made it.

When I pulled into the parking lot of my new home 11 hours later, I got the keys to my two bedroom apartment and thanked God for this new, scary, chapter of my life. When I turned the key and opened the door, I could finally breathe. I looked up to give God praise, and that weight — that gravity-defying weight that had been hovering above me for months was gone.

Some might say that I stepped out on faith. Others might ask what I was running from. All I can say is that stepping out on my own again after a near death experience that brought me home for four years, was scary. I felt like a toddler learning to walk. My steps were shaky, and I didn’t know where to go. Nothing was familiar. I was starting over in a city where no one — literally no one knew my name except the rental agent in my apartment complex.

That phase in my life was the springboard for all the fruit I’ve been privileged to bear. I earned my Master’s there. I sang with a Praise & Worship Band there. My intentional walk with the Lord began there. It all makes sense now — that sense of urgency that couldn’t be contained, deterred, or deferred. That gravity-defying sense of urgency was God’s hand nudging me to move, reminding me to pack up, preparing me for my destiny.

I’ve felt that sense of urgency a few more times over the years, and I’d like to say that I obeyed without delay, but that would be a lie. I stuck around longer that I should’ve and lingered longer than was necessary in a few places. I’m a bit stronger and wiser now because of my disobedience. I wonder how you might respond to that urgency. Can you literally pack up all your essentials and hit the road tomorrow? What’s preventing you from taking the next step? Is it Fear? Truth is, that’s not going anywhere. Most of us step out despite the F-word — that dirty, little four-letter word that only serves as a fun snatcher and a dream slayer if (and only if) you allow it to dwell in your heart. May the love of the Father fill your heart to overflow so that there is no room for fear to reside there. May blessings abound!