Baby Steps

Think back — way back to when your little ones transitioned from crawling and scooting on the floor to using a table, a chair, or a small animal to steady themselves as they found the strength to stand. As they bounced up and down in celebration of this new found stability, Gravity showed up and proved to be stronger than stability. Eventually, standing became easier, and the next step was literally a step. Remember the excitement on their little faces (and yours), as they took baby steps toward your outstretched arms? That was the goal — to reach mommy’s or daddy’s arms before that mean ole Gravity showed up again.

Life is a series of baby steps paired with excitement. Gravity shows up in life as well. We don’t call it Gravity though; it’s usually tragedy, illness, missed opportunities, or failure. Situations that knock us down and sideline us are the grown-up Gravity that we face. The more we get knocked down, the easier it is to stay down because staying put is sometimes easier than awaiting and bracing for the next blow.

Learning to trust that God’s plan to prosper us is real can serve as the force that empowers you to get back up each time something knocks you down. I’ve learned to steady myself on a table, a chair, or small animal as well, but instead of standing up, I just get on my knees. Sometimes I don’t say anything other than Thank you, Lord and wait to hear his instructions. I thank him for my struggles because I eventually connect with the lesson he’s trying to teach me.

For years I struggled with shame (and still do to some degree). I become unsteady when I’m tired from working or serving. I get wobbly and fall victim to the shame that I thought I’d overcome a long time ago. All it takes is a few baby steps for me to right myself these days and continue toward the arms of the Father. Those baby steps might include turning in early, praying, or calling a trusted friend to talk things out.

My shame  rears its ugly head when I lose focus or get distracted. My shame may seem minor to some, but to me, it was colossal. It came from a name — actually the lack of a name. I didn’t have my father’s name growing up, and that always led to questions from kids who did. I felt like I was the only kid in school who didn’t have her father’s last name. Even moments of triumph were clouded by this shame.  Translation? I don’t have a father like all the other kids. That was the weight I carried as a child, and it made me angry. Thankfully, my father and I are in a good place today, and I forgave the mistakes of a young man (and woman) for contributing to my shame. I had to forgive them in order to shed the shame that caused me so much pain. I’m so much steadier now, and I don’t have to use a table, a chair, or a small animal to right myself. I’m in good standing with God — my Father and the lover of my soul. There’s no shame in that. I run to his outstretched arms throughout the day for safety, for rest, and for his overflowing, unconditional love. My prayer is that you, too, will take a few baby steps toward your destiny and away from the shame that might be crippling you right now. If you’re unsure of what your destiny is, speak to the only one who knows. He also knows that you’re tired of getting back up each time you get knocked down. Try God this time to steady yourself and to get on your knees. Once you get there, trust that the battle has already been waged and won. Say Thank you, Lord. He’ll take over from there. May blessings abound! ❤