Keep Moving

Good morning, friends! Actually, I think it’s a great morning. You’re alive and well, so let’s thank our good, good Father for that. If you accepted my challenge from yesterday’s Sunrise Sermon, you’re focusing on all things good in your life — using all of your archaeology tools to unearth the hidden gems all around you. Two of the most powerful tools we have are our ears — tools that can go where our eyes cannot. Even in darkness, they can do good work, sifting through all those things that distract one’s eyes, in search of a message — a promise of good news. There’s nothing better than hearing an unexpected compliment that’s not meant as flattery but merely to share what’s obvious to others and to encourage you at the same time.

Sometimes, though, we close our ears to the good news and lose sight of the promise of better days. We get stuck in messes that we create or begin to sink chest deep into someone else’s quicksand without any recollection of how we got there in the first place. Sometimes we sink fast, without a plan to get out. It’s easy to get caught in someone else’s mess if we veer off course and lose our focus. Remember this: You don’t have to have a front row seat for every imminent disaster. You’ll have plenty of trials to contend with in your own life without using your precious time to watch someone else’s demise. Sadly, we’re drawn to that stuff — stuff that isn’t our business — stuff that our brains will surely take note of and replay at a later date. And it’s not just the bad stuff that we’re drawn to; we welcome the gentle tugging of others’ excitement and celebrations as well. That, too, will replay in our minds when we least expect it, and the comparisons begin — the enemy of progress.

The brain is a powerful recording device, and it captures everything we experience — whether it’s someone else’s tragic moment, a horror movie, a crossroads in your life, or a celebration. Our brains record it all, and sometimes, it replays and repeats the scary moments — moments that may not even be ours. It’s important to discern when it’s time to press STOP on the recorder. Certainly, you can’t shut off your brain, but you can silence the noise that’s distracting you so that you can record a new message.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 1:6

You don’t have to stay stuck. Make a decision right now to put one foot in front of the other and then repeat until you find your rhythm. Every little step you make in the right direction is progress. Encourage yourself. Speak boldly! Record a message for yourself that empowers you to keep moving. Something as simple as I am a child of God — fearfully and wonderfully made. God provides for me, and he is all that I need. God heals me so that I may do his will. God loves me, and his love endures forever. You have the power to break all chains of the mind that keep you bound simply by recording a new message. Do you want to become stronger? Record a new message every day — a  Virtual Journal that can become your playlist at the end of each week, month,  or year. Scroll down to the comments, and share your recording with me. I want to be stronger too.

Before you leave today, please take a few minutes to listen to my Music Monday selection from Mandisa entitled “Stronger.” May blessings abound! ❤