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I Am Clean

Lord God, the lover of my soul, I thank you for this day. Thank you for my life and purpose, and thank you for restoring me piece by piece. My heart aches for those who feel hopeless or helpless. I ask that you speak to them, Lord. In a whisper or a loud voice, allow them to feel your presence and to hear your voice.

I see a woman today emerging from the darkness in search of the light source — fumbling for the switch to see who’s speaking. It is you, Lord. It has always been you — sitting beside her in the pit of despair, protecting her from the flames that threatened to consume her, and providing her sustenance in the wilderness.

She’s still searching, Lord. Her mind is a mess of lies, and she doesn’t know you YET, but you long to be gracious to her. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. She’s out of the pit, and you’ve piqued her curiosity, and the time to plant the seeds has arrived. It will be my pleasure to provide water, God. Won’t you please allow her to grow? Fill her with your Holy Spirit and watch her come to life. Thank you for this gift of life. Thank you for hearing my cry, and now I will praise you and wait.

Your servant,



I started this blog as a means of chronicling my journey of Servant Leadership, but I believe that it has taken on a deeper purpose. As visitors read about my every day experiences as seen through a spiritual lens, I know that they’ll take the meat of my messages — the scriptures — and nourish themselves. I’m sure they’ll remember the stories and get to know me as a result, but the anecdotes are merely the vessels that store the meat. My hope is that you find encouragement here, and when you do, please share it with me. Encouragers need encouragement too.

12 thoughts on “I Am Clean

  1. God knew I needed this today and everyday. The first thing I thought of when I saw the title was the song “I Am Clean” by Natalie Grant. I played it a lot yesterday and it is in my mind today too. Thanks again for posting this.


  2. Powerful!
    We are all wonderfully made.
    Sometime all we can do is hold on until the storm pass. My heart hurts for the hopeless as well.
    Our lives are worth the pain of working through the darkness.
    Thanks for sharing the light.


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