Seek Him Now

Good morning, friends! Are you looking forward to another day that the Lord has made? I sure am. It’s freezing though, and this girl’s body is not built for these arctic blasts that threaten to take me on a wild ride. Thank God for down coats and his word to keep me anchored.

This week my prayer for all of you is that you remember to reach for God’s hand and his word to anchor you in the storms of your life. He is your divine life preserver, and only he is able to calm the rough seas. Though we sometimes feel anxious or downright scared, just one word from him can settle the shaking, quell your fears, and place your feet on solid ground if you would merely surrender everything to him.

Lord God, thank you for loving me like no one else can. I stumble; I slip; I slide; I fall, and there you are in the midst of it all ready to forgive me — knowing I’ll repeat this cycle again and again. I’m grateful that you never give me what I truly deserve; instead, you teach me to forgive as you’ve forgiven me, and you draw me closer still.ย 

God, I ask you to make your presence known today in the lives of everyone reading this prayer. Whether it be a gentle whisper or a loud gong, assure them that you are near — poised to pick up any baggage that they lay at your feet. Lord, bless them with your peace and keep them in your tender care. Beckon them to rest in your safety. And when they cry out in agony from suffering that seems too long, Father, hold them in your bosom and comfort them as only our Abba Father can. We love you and will continue to seek you and cleave to you as the branches to the vine. Apart from you, we are nothing, but in the Potter’s hands we are made new. Amen.

Before you leave today, take a little time to enjoy my Music Monday selection from Big Daddy Weave entitled “Hold Me Jesus.”