Happy Monday, friends! Are you well rested and ready to tackle the work week? Silly question, huh? Of course you are! So get up and get moving. Don’t stay stuck in the same spot you’ve been in for weeks. Stop wishin’, hopin, and prayin for your dreams to come true.

Faith without works is dead. ~James 2:17

Set a few attainable goals that you want to achieve by the year’s end. Write a few action steps to make it more likely that you’ll Β achieve your goals, and get moving. It’s really that simple. What are you waiting for? If it’s a personal invitation, I just sent you one. No excuses. I’ll keep you accountable. Scroll down to the comments. Share your goals with me and the steps you’ll take to achieve them. I look forward to celebrating with you as you launch your business, publish your first novel, sell your first premium course, and become a household name. Β May blessings abound! ❀

Before you leave today, turn up the volume and bob your head to my Music Monday Selection by Toby Mac entitled “Move” (Keep Walkin’).