Pause, Now Carry On

Just about a week ago, Gail, Sandy, and I were walking out of the building at 4 O’clock sharp. We had to escape the oppressive heat that descended on us the second the air conditioning was turned off for the day. We escaped, but what greeted us wasn’t a cool breeze. Instead we were met with lots of sunshine mixed with a few clouds. Then Sandy said “Look up! What do you see?” I quickly chimed in. “I see two ducks kissing!” Gail said, “I can see that!”

We stood there a few moments longer before walking to our cars and heading home. What I learned from that short break is that I don’t pause often enough during the day before carrying on. I’m always heading somewhere in order to do something. I rarely pause.

Today as I was walking my Golden and taking a few snapshots, I looked straight ahead, and I saw this couple — probably in their late 70s. They walk side-by-side several times each week no matter how hot or cold it is outside. I want to know their story — how long they’ve been together, whose idea it was to start walking, whether I could invite them over for coffee.



They had just paused near the top of that hill as I snapped a few shots of flowers in bloom and other things that grabbed my attention that I might use in a future post. I hadn’t planned on taking a picture of them (as you can tell from the blurry shot), but seeing them together today just reminded me of the title of my blog and the joy associated with navigating this world with someone you love.

The point of this post has very little to do with those two people (though I admire their desire to keep moving). It has more to do with perspective. When I looked up at the clouds, I saw two ducks kissing.  When I looked ahead, I saw two people whose lives are probably better because they met and married. As I looked down during a passing shower while sitting on my porch, I saw this.


By looking down, I could also see up. I could see that there was a break in the clouds and that this brief shower would soon move further east — bringing as much joy to our neighbors as it did to me. I’m always amazed at what happens when I change my perspective.