Naptural Beauty

I never knew that something so wild could be tamed. I sometimes wondered why the tool for taming had a fist on its end. I even wondered why the rod used to tame our roots resided in the kitchen where the tools for cooking were kept. Some of us still cringe when we go to the hair salon to smooth out our tresses’ natural inclination to knot and nap and loc as if they’ve gone mad – clenched into little fists throwing fits until the rod turns hot, its temper flairs, and it straightens our hair – making it Smooth.

We haven’t all embraced the Smooth Movement though.  Oh no! Not I. My naptural beauty can’t be tamed for long by the straightening comb, the flat iron, or the pullers. My hair is the stubborn type that laughs in the face of the three amigos I like to call the Caliente Trio. They can’t fight the urge to revert when my hair joins forces with Mother Nature.  That chic is fierce, and she comes in many forms! Rain, sleet, snow, and fog – she’s a Transformer.

I met a lady yesterday who said “I love your hair.” I thanked her – thinking my gigantic afro puff was a mess of tresses, but she called it beautiful. We talked briefly about transitioning from Smooth and silky to naptural beauty. All I could tell her is that I feel free – not forced to conform, not offended by others’ curiosity, not ashamed of my mane. It’s a work in progress, you see. Not all little Black girls view their natural hair as beauty. That type of thinking stems from images of beauty that we could never achieve except with a weave. Even if I wanted to be shackled to the Smooth Operator each week for a wash and press or a wash and pull or a wash and flat iron, I can’t stand the heat.

My style is diverse: twisted, untwisted, cornrowed, rodded, or braided. That’s my style. Embrace your naptural beauty – your version of Good Hair.After all, it’s God’s gift to you. In my world, there are no bad hair days – just countless opportunities to smooth back my edges, twist my tresses, part and separate my afro puffs, and sashay away. Don’t let your best accessory weigh you down. Let it serve as your crown.

NOTE – The post is in response to The Daily Prompt. The word of the day is Smooth.