Ring the Bell

I read a great deal every day.  Some of what I read is for spiritual growth; other materials are for professional growth.  At the end of the day, however, I get to read for pleasure — not every day, but on those special days when I have enough left in my tank to blend consonants and vowels into words, I read a little poetry, a few political cartoons, and 20 or more of my favorite blogs.

Yesterday I read an article written by one of my favorite bloggers that made me pause. What Rick wrote touched me deeply and caused me to examine my life’s work and purpose. I’m grateful to have discovered what God wants me to do. He hasn’t revealed everything to me yet, but what he has shared with me, I  embrace and do my best to please him. That’s my only goal — to hear him say Well done. 

If no one remembers me, perhaps they will remember my contribution to the world. ~Michelle Malone

Everyone has a purpose, and we all want to feel valued. Consider for a moment what you have contributed to the world. Have you made a difference in the lives of others, or is it time to ring the bell?  Not sure what I’m alluding to? Take a little time to read Rick’s article — The Bell Ringer, and may it resonate with you. If you have not yet found your purpose, I pray that it is revealed to you in due time so that you, too, will hear Well done.