Celebrating Mom in May

Mother’s Day is May 8th — a day to celebrate all moms across this beautiful planet. Instead of waiting until then, let’s just start a little early. Now, I’m an only child and tend to be a bit selfish at times, but not this time. I want to share this space with all of you by sharing your stories about why your mom is so awesome.

Whether she’s still here on Earth or with you in spirit, trust and believe that her influence has stayed with you. In an effort to share a little laughter, love, and life lessons, drop me a line by clicking here. You can write a short (or long) post about anything that salutes your mom, and I’ll publish it here — one post per day. Share the link on your social media sites to spread the laughter, love, and life lessons throughout the month of May.

I’ll start us off with a repost tomorrow entitled Mama Knows Best, but I really want to hear your stories.  Remember, our stories unite us, so why not learn a little about each other as we salute our moms.