Not Today, Satan

Mid-Week Motivation

Some days we wake up energized with a song in our hearts ready to take on the world.  Other days we wake up grumpy and focused on the dark cloud looming above us rather than its silver lining.

Ever stub your toe first thing in the morning and greet the day with a few expletives or euphemisms for expletives? Run into your ex and his  perfect, new girlfriend at church? Drop a ring down the garbage disposal that you borrowed from a friend?  What about getting up on the wrong side of the bed?   Perhaps it’s 12° outside, your gas tank is running on fumes, and you left your wallet at home. Yeah, that was my reality this morning. To all those things, let’s just say “Not today, Satan!”

I’ve noticed that I’m most vulnerable to his attacks when I’m tired, hungry, or homesick. Just when I figure out my triggers and devise a strategy to counter his attacks, he adds a twist to his tricks — proving that his moniker suits him. He’s a devil! After we succumb to his attacks, we usually feel used, dirty, and remorseful.

Recall how he tempted Christ in Matthew 4:2-11 after a lengthy fast. Our savior was ravenous and weak. Satan saw his opportunity and pounced! He challenged Christ to turn stones into bread–assuming it would end favorably for him since Christ was visibly weakened from his forty day fast.  Instead, he was met with a resounding no. Next, he told him to prove his identity by throwing himself from a high point — again assuming that Christ was at a low point. He even used scripture as his argument.  Slick move, Satan. Again, his attempts were rebuked.  Finally, he pulled out all the stops and offered Christ the world. This, too, was an epic fail. Silly Satan, tricks are for kids.

After these foiled attempts to lure Christ to the dark side, our Savior sternly told Satan to be gone!  In other words, Not today, Satan!  Shortly thereafter, angels surrounded him and attended to his needs.  We, too, need angels to attend to us when we’ve been tempted or just having a bad day.  Our friends and family are those angels here on Earth who can look at our dilemmas with fresh eyes and help us put things in perspective.  Rely on them.  Don’t be a Gloomy Gus or Negative Nancy all day today.  Actively seek out your angels, and be thankful that God  has commanded them to guard you in all your ways.

Note — In case you’re a little worried about me, I only experienced one of the scenarios above.  Can you guess which one?