Thankful Thursday

When I woke at my usual time this morning, I did what I usually do — lie there for about 30 minutes listening to the hum of the fan sitting on my husband’s night stand — wondering why on Earth does he have that thing on when it’s 40 degrees outside. I drift off a little each morning, but today I quickly shook the cobwebs from my head, repositioned the mop atop my head, and shuffled downstairs for my 3:30 standing appointment with God.

As I made my way down, I noticed that there were a few dishes in the sink that I was too tired to wash last night. So I washed them, and started the coffee pot.  As I prepared for our little chat, I called to mind a few things I need to be forgiven for, but somehow a few miscellaneous thoughts also drifted in from parts unknown.  All those things on my to-do list for work and after work barged right into my prayer prep. I even started making my Christmas card list in my mind–worrying that I didn’t have updated addresses for a few of my friends and family members. Then I remembered that I still have a few things in my Amazon cart, which I had totally forgotten about until now. Suddenly, I checked myself.  Didn’t I just give myself (and all of you) a free pass  from getting everything done yesterday? And here I am borrowing trouble one day later.

Neither a lender nor a borrower be. ~ William Shakespeare

Instead of taking Shakespeare’s advice (because sometimes you simply must borrow things), I’ve chosen to re-read and reflect on a few generous comments from all of you.  I read your comments on my blog — all of them, and your words encourage me to keep writing.  I giggle when I see motivational exchanges and playful jabs throughout the day from my Fitbit friends who compete with me in the  Work Week Hustle each week. Those ladies really help me  to get those steps in.  I chuckle at the sticky notes and random gifts that find their way to my office or mailbox. I savor those moments that make me laugh out loud because life isn’t always funny.   For all those intangible gifts that build me up each day, I am so thankful.  Yesterday, someone even promised to name her first born after me. I have it in writing, and I’m holding her to it.  After all, the world would be a bit brighter with a few more Michelles running hither and yon.

If you do nothing else this week, remember to do your homework, and keep building each other up! Don’t let me down.

Build Me Up Buttercup