You Can’t Hide

There’s this narrow walking path that runs through my entire community. I love escaping to it a couple times a day — just me and my Golden retriever. I especially enjoyed my three-mile walk this morning because I was all alone with my thoughts it would seem. Truthfully, this is where I go to work through problems or major decisions. Many run quickly through the narrow path, but I choose to walk at a brisk pace — stopping every so often to take in the view and marvel at this priceless get-away created just for me.  Today, damp autumn leaves fell from the boughs of trees high above me–slowly wafting hither and yon, some caressing my face, still countless others carpeting my path.

Sometimes my perspective is different. I peek through my bedroom window at others walking that same path–wondering why they’re walking. Are they escaping too? If so, from what?  Are they like me — looking for answers and knowing that God will meet us wherever we are?


Perched high above the path looking from my third floor window, I realized that I can’t truly escape — I can’t hide. Someone, anyone, everyone with a window to the path is doing exactly what I’m doing right now. Perhaps, like me, they try to figure out my story and why I walk the path each day. I will never hear their questions directly, but they do somehow glide down from their perches to greet me as I walk, but particularly when I pause to take in the view. It is then that I hear their questions, their concerns, and their whispers. Most importantly, I hear the quiet, still voice of my creator tickling my ears with a message of hope and adding a beautiful melody to the rhythm of my heartbeat that he saves to my mind’s playlist. Oh how beautiful are the songs he composes to the beat of my heart each day — a gift he gives us all if we would just stop, look, and listen along the path.