I Am Superwoman

Picture this. The day starts out as it always does, but there’s a dark cloud looming above me. Literally, this thing is threatening to burst  as soon as I exit the car. It doesn’t care that I just straightened my hair or just detailed my car. This thing is pure evil. I managed to take a shortcut to work — one I hadn’t seen before, but today I had Super Vision.

I parked behind the school and darted in through the custodians’ closet. Lightening flashed and the thunder clapped just as I slid into safety. At that moment, that looming cloud let loose a monster storm of giant raindrops and hail to boot. Thank God for my Super Speed. I am Super Woman!

Truth is, most days the  S on my chest is lowercase, and I know it. Most days, that’s all I need. On other days, I summon up my super powers from its source, and I unbutton my cardigan when there’s a crisis that requires superhuman strategies, superb listening skills, lightening fast actions, and extra sensory perception.

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. ~Psalm 28:7

I know where my help comes from. In my arrogance, I sometimes forget to give credit where credit it due, but God has a way of reminding me that he is Soverign — with an uppercase S. I am merely the vessel he chose to complete certain tasks in a super way — lowercase s.

Kermit the Frog once said It’s not easy being green, and he’s probably right.  It’s not easy being me either.  I want to serve and do it well, but sometimes I just fall short. I know I have been equipped with talents, abilities, and gifts that will allow me to serve as God intended, but sometimes I desire more. I’m grateful for the gifts I have, but sometimes I covet others’ gifts that cause people to be wowed. During those moments is when I realize that I’ve lost my focus. Our gifts are to be used to glorify God — not ourselves. I’m still learning.

Today, I choose to be as humble as I know how because that’s what obedient servants do. I’m also choosing to leave my button-down shirt and cardigan buttoned and to remain in default lowercase s mode. If I need superpowers, I will reach out to my resources throughout the day — whether it be a fellow educator or a prayer warrior, I’ll actively seek their help.

As always, here’s my challenge to you: Choose to dwell on something good today. Let that be your default setting.  No matter what calamity arises during the day, choose to look at that looming cloud from a different angle in search of the silver lining. There’s always a break in the clouds.

Before you leave today, check out Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman.” May blessings abound! ❤