Powerful Partnerships

I love collecting and sharing quotes that I can apply to leadership — all kinds of quotes: movie quotes, those I find on Twitter, or just quips I hear in passing that sometimes make me chuckle–like “I’m finer than frog’s hair.” This is in response to a question of “How are you today?” Probably my favorite quote (or verse in this case) comes from the book of Ecclesiastes.  It simply states without equivocation that Two are Better Than One. This verse came to me one morning as I was struggling to figure out how I might get teachers and leaders in our building to collaborate and connect with educators outside our building–not just the obligatory weekly meetings or staff development. I was searching for something deeper and more meaningful.

Two are better than one…for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow.

I’ve experienced the power of partnering with others firsthand, and the joy associated with this kinship is priceless. Knowing that you’re a small part of something bigger like investing in the lives of children is humbling when you eventually see who they become. It’s possible for one person to dedicate their lives to a particular cause and make a difference, but imagine the possibilities for growth, expansion, and innovation when we allow others to join the cause that we’re so passionate about.

Today I challenge you to think of a project you’re currently working on or one that only exists in your mind, and determine how the benefit of a second pair of eyes, a little feedback, or a gentle nudge from a trusted friend or colleague might enhance your work. Then, take a giant leap of faith. Ask for help, and expect something powerful to come from that connection.

I partnered with my mentee Charlene for assistance with creating this blog because I’ve always wanted to share my experiences and take-aways with others, and I wanted to use writing as that vehicle. So I consulted someone I trust to look at my little book of big ideas, and now you’re looking at them too (Well, just a snapshot).

A funny thing happened en route to publishing this blog…I lost it! I consulted every learner’s partner — Google, and alas, it is found.

So what are you waiting for? Someone is depending on you to take that giant step (or baby step) that will make a difference in their lives. The time to partner up is now! May blessings abound. ❤